Come and Take It

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alamoI thought I would share a small piece of history for those of you who are eager to hear Tom Jackson, our first General Session speaker for this year’s Annual Meeting in San Antonio (April 13-15, 2014).  Today, Texas boasts a very robust and growing population and economy.   During the past year, at a Texas Association of Business Officer’s meeting, we received a presentation on how our demographics were shaping up. We benefit from a growing influx of individuals and families from other states.   Enrollments at most Texas higher education institutions are experiencing the benefits from this trend.

It seems Texas has enjoyed a long history of folks wanting to move to our state.  For example, the number of Americans who wanted to move to Texas in the 1820’s quickly overwhelmed the then Mexico Territory.  The immigration population grew from about 500 to more than 30,000 people.  This surely set the stage for the problems that lay ahead for the Mexican government.  Native born Texans (Tejanos) wanted the flood of immigrants to continue because this would allow the region to receive designation as a separate state, instead of being part of the Mexican state of Coahuila y Tejas.  The Alamo, which is located a short walking distance from our Annual Meeting site, was a military outpost in those days. The soldiers of the Alamo Company were officially charged with a mission to retrieve a small cannon that was loaned by the Mexican government to the town of Gonzales.  The colonists (native Texans and immigrants) refused to give it up.  They taunted the soldiers with the call “Come and Take It”.  The colonists eventually fired on the Alamo company men, igniting the Texas Revolution in October 1835.    The Texas Revolution brought experiences for San Antonio that involved sieges and battles.  The first of these shortly followed the standoff in Gonzales.   

I will leave the rest of the story to our General Session speaker, as he promises to bring you back in time to San Antonio in a fun and entertaining way.   Please join us for the Annual Meeting in April!

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