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When: Back to Calendar July 28, 2013 – August 2, 2013 (all-day)

The College Business Management Institute offers an intensive course of study in business and financial management for administrators of colleges and universities.  Over 500 business officers and administrators, representing hundreds of colleges and universities of every size and description, attend each year.  CBMI is designed to provide participants with an overview of current issues and procedures applicable to institutions of higher education large and small, public and private.  Individuals participate in 28 hours of instruction each summer for three years to earn a certificate of completion.  Ranging from entry level to advance, approximately 60 courses are taught by very distinguished faculty who are practicing administrators and leaders in their fields.  There is no prerequisite to attend CBMI.


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  1. Linda Batiste says:

    I am interested in the CBMI training Program. Please forward the informaiton I need to apply.


    Linda Batiste

    • Linda – You can find out more information about CBMI on their website. They will release information about the 2013 institute around February. In the mean time, you can join their mailing list on their website to get the updates.

  2. Carrie Smith says:

    Has the 2013 CBMI registration began? The website still has 2012 information.

  3. I attended year one last Summer, and it was a fantastic professional development experience. Lexington, KY and the University of Kentucky were wonderful hosts. The seminars were engaging and well done, and the faculty were absolutely great to work with during my experience. Great job and looking forward to year two this Summer!

  4. Melissa Hicks Jones says:

    I attended CBMI last year via a scholarship through our System Office which is only available for year one participants. Could you tell me if SACUBO offers scholarships for year two participants? If so, what is the scholarship application process?

    • mrhaag89 says:

      Melissa – The SACUBO scholarships are available to anyone attending CBMI, regardless of year-in. The application can be found on the CBMI website here. Scroll down to the heading marked SACUBO Scholarships for directions.

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