Collaborative Approaches to Transition - An Afternoon for Presidents, Governing Boards, and CBOs


In conjunction with the Annual Meeting in Lake Buena Vista, SACUBO will offer special presentations for higher ed Board Members, Presidents, and CBOs to attend together. The sessions will focus on working together to manage transitions and disruptions – whether planned or not. Managing the on-boarding of new board members, a retiring president, or unexpected institutional change present different challenges and opportunities within each role.


The program will begin with lunch on Monday, April 8 and also includes two afternoon sessions. Encourage your President and members of your Board to save the date and join you for this important afternoon. Managing transition and disruptions calls for close teamwork between Board Members, Presidents, and Business Officers.


Board Members and Presidents are encouraged to register and attend all Annual Meeting sessions and events; however, they may register for and attend this afternoon program only for a reduced registration fee of $150. Register here and select Board / Presidents / CBOs Program Only when registering.