New Treasury Management Track

CBMI has partnered with the Treasury Institute for Higher Education to provide a Treasury Management track within CBMI. The new treasury management track includes eight courses, totaling 20 hours of instruction:

  • Treasury Management, Part 1 (2 hours)
  • Treasury Management, Part 2 (2 hours)
  • Fundamentals of Higher Education Investments (2 hours)
  • Stewardship of Gift Funds (2 hours)
  • Financial Asset and Liability Management (2 hours)
  • Introduction to Capital Finance ( 2 hours)
  • Advanced Capital Financing (4 hours)
  • PCI Compliance (4 hours)

Upon completion of these eight courses, participants will earn a Certificate of Completion from the Treasury Institute for Higher Education. CBMI attendees who have completed the first-year curriculum may select Treasury Track courses as part of their 2nd year and/or 3rd year program. Participants may complete all eight of the Treasury Track courses during one week of CBMI. Participants also have the option of enrolling in only the Treasury Track and may also select optional CBMI electives during the times when Treasury Track courses are not offered. Participants may earn CPE credits for all courses.

For more information about the Treasury Track program, contact Monica Stoch at (859) 218-3380.