Spotlight on Volunteers


Lucien Costley 

Vice President for Planning and Finance and CFO
Schreiner University

Number of Years in Higher Education: 15

Involvement with SACUBO: I have attended multiple SACUBO conferences and presented at 2 events (Fall Workshop/Annual Meeting). I am a member of the Small Institutions Constituent Committee and the Scholarship Committee.

Working in Higher Education: I enjoy working with my colleagues as we create a positive environment that shapes the lives of young adults as they venture into the world. We have the ability to set them up for success and get them on the right path. 

When I am Not Working: I love to BBQ for my family. A good ‘ol Texan BBQ is always the best – fajitas, sausage, English cut ribs, baby back ribs, lemon smoked chicken, bacon-wrapped shrimp, buttered potatoes, mac & cheese, borracho beans, and a couple of cold ones – all on a not-so-hot summer day! Come on over, won’t ya?!

Decision to Volunteer with SACUBO: I decided to volunteer for SACUBO because I was courted by another member to join forces with and support the mission of the organization. Since that time, I have met wonderful colleagues, and I have also established a network of support. We are all here to help each other because we are all going through the same challenges of the ever-changing landscape of higher education. Why go through it alone when we can help each other? I am so grateful for the opportunity, and I look forward to the year.



Tim Judd

Vice President for Finance and Operations / Chief Financial Officer
Campbellsville University

Number of Years in Higher Education: 22

Involvement with SACUBO: I have been attending SACUBO meetings since 2009 and became a member of the Small Institutions Constituent Committee in 2021 with an invitation from Susan Maddux. I presented at sessions in 2022 and 2023.  

Working in Higher Education: It is meaningful work to know that you are a small part of changing a student’s life through completion of a degree and pursuing their dreams.  In our roles as finance officers, we help make those possibilities available, and that is exciting.  

When I am Not Working: The beach and pool are my happy places! I love spending time with my family and serving with our church family.

Decision to Volunteer with SACUBO: I wanted to give back to a professional group that has been tremendously helpful in my career thus far. Through networking at SACUBO events, I have been able to tackle new issues facing our University without reinventing the wheel. The professional connections and collaboration are invaluable to me. Volunteering has helped take that a step further by thinking about what might help others be successful as we put on conferences. Presenting is just another way to share and help others in their journey. Don’t wait! Get involved!  


Sandra Williams

Associate Vice Chancellor for Budgets, Financial Planning, and Analysis
Fayetteville State University

Number of Years in Higher Education: 17

Involvement with SACUBO: I have attended conferences for 12 years. I currently serve as a member of the Comprehensive and Doctoral Institutions Constituent Committee (2023-25).

Working in Higher Education: I love the collaborative nature of higher education with other universities, Chief Budget Officers, Provosts, Deans, and Chairs. We network and share ideas to make our institutions better to impact and prepare students for their future.

When I am Not Working: I enjoy spending time with family, traveling, and shopping.

Decision to Volunteer with SACUBO: I enjoyed the SACUBO conferences and wanted to get involved to contribute for the better good. The conferences, workshops, networking, and strong relationships are invaluable to me in my career.


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