Appointments to Committees reflect the diversity of the SACUBO membership regarding gender, ethnic background, institution type, and geographic dispersion. Care is taken to ensure an appropriate balance of Committee members.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is responsible for ensuring the financial reports of SACUBO are audited annually by an independent external accounting firm. The Audit Committee reviews the audit report submitted by the external accounting firm, evaluates the financial position of SACUBO, and presents the report, findings, and recommendations to the Board.

Best Practices Committee

The Best Practices Program showcases the best of college and university business officers’ efforts in creating better, more efficient, and customer-friendly business practices. College and university business officers wishing to compete in the program submit a proposal in response to the call for proposals. The Best Practices Committee reviews proposals and selects the Best Practice Award finalists who will present their “best practices” at the SACUBO Annual Meeting.

Constituent Committees

The Constituent Committees consist of four (4) standing Committees including:

Each respective constituent Committee is responsible for promoting, among its constituency, membership in SACUBO and NACUBO, increasing member participation in all SACUBO activities, planning and conducting professional development sessions at the Annual Meeting and Fall Workshop, assisting the Drive-In Workshop coordinator with session topics and logistics of regional workshops, submitting articles and information about Committee activities and news about member institutions and colleagues, and supporting constituent member recognition.

Scholarship Committee

The SACUBO Board may establish scholarships from SACUBO funds. The Scholarship Committee acts to ensure a fair process is followed to award available scholarships to qualified applicants from member institutions.  The Scholarship Committee is responsible for establishing a timeline for the application process, reviewing the application packages, scoring each applicant according to prescribed guidelines, and selecting the top candidates to be awarded scholarships.

Distinguished Service Committee

The SACUBO Distinguished Service Award was created to recognize an individual in the SACUBO region for distinguished service to higher education in the field of business and financial management. The Distinguished Service Committee solicits and reviews nominations for the Distinguished Service Award and recommends an honoree for the award.

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee is responsible for asset allocation and spend-planning, investment manager or fund selection and dismissal, and performance monitoring for the overall portfolio as well as individual managers or funds. The Investment Committee reviews investment performance and recommends any changes; reviews and affirms or restates SACUBO’s investment policy statement; and prepares an annual investment report to the SACUBO Treasurer and Board of Directors.

Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development (PD) Committee is responsible for providing strategic planning of professional development opportunities for SACUBO. The PD Committee provides non-operational oversight for all SACUBO professional development activities. Such oversight extends to the SACUBO Annual Meeting, SACUBO Fall Workshop, Next Generation Chief Business Officers (NGCBO) Program, Women’s Leadership Forum, SACUBO Drive-In Workshops, NASBA Certification and Continuing Professional Development compliance with NASBA pronouncements, ACUBO Innovation Council (AIC) activities, and other professional development activities. The PD Committee is responsible for conducting, in coordination with the NASBA Coordinator, the evaluation processes utilized at SACUBO professional development events. The PD Committee is also responsible for conducting periodic needs assessments to determine ever-changing membership professional development needs and presenting such results to the SACUBO Board.