Student Accounts Manager

  • Position Title: Student Accounts Manager
  • Name of Institution: Texas Wesleyan University
  • Campus Location: 1201 Wesleyan Street, Fort Worth, TX
  • Contact: Christi Tallent
  • Email:
  • Phone: 5317504
  • Job Close Date: January 17, 2019

Position Description

The Student Accounts Manager assures the timely collection of student accounts receivables, provides exceptional customer service to students, parents, and sponsoring agencies; provides payment and account information and problem-solving assistance to students, parents, and staff colleagues.



1. Leadership: Provide leadership, direction, and management of the Student Accounts office. Serves as Student Accounts primary liaison for the undergraduate and graduate programs.

2. General Responsibilities: Provide in-depth customer service to students and parents, providing payment and account information and instruction on using student accounts self-service tools.

Respond in person to students, parents, sponsors and staff, on the phone, via email or written correspondence to resolve student account problems and facilitate solutions for their concerns and issues.

Maintain the financial integrity of accounts with diligent monitoring of student balances, identifying errors and initiating contact with other offices, coordinating appropriate resolutions.

Distribute federal financial aid refunds to students and parent borrowers in compliance with Federal and Department of Education regulations.

Responsible for accounts receivable tracking and monitoring Perform other institutional projects and duties as assigned.

3. Reporting: Responsible for accounting for all student-related receivables.

Coordinate accurate and timely implementation of new and/or revised tuition and fees, as approved by the Board.

Provide accurate information to allow for timely closing and reconciliation of general ledger accounts.

Oversee reporting and monitor compliance with external reporting requirements, such as 1098T.

4. Administrative: Develop and implement best practices and policies that support the goal of enrollment growth and quality of service.

Train, supervise and evaluate staff ensuring appropriate cross training of staff to provide for sufficient coverage during vacations and other absences.

Evaluate operational effectiveness, identifying and implementing changes required for improvement.

Evaluate appropriate controls on financial transactions to ensure adequate protection and safeguards through appropriate financial policies, procedures and risk management.

5. Consulting: Communicate in a professional manner with families and students to discuss options for payment of invoices and the impact of unpaid invoices or changes in enrollment.

Advise and counsel students regarding their financial responsibilities at the University.

Encourage and explain usage of monthly payment plans for budgeting assistance to families.

Bachelor’s degree in a related area.

Higher education experience

Minimum 3 years’ experience

Ellucian Colleague software

Ability to provide and demonstrate quality customer service.

Ability to be discrete in handling confidential financial matters.

Ability to work independently and efficiently to meet deadlines with minimum supervision.

Proficiency with an integrated administrative system and current computer software programs.

Ability to adhere to and support University & departmental policies and procedures.

Ability to work effectively and communicate clearly within a diverse community.

Outstanding interpersonal and community-relations skills to support a high-profile office with tact and diplomacy while interacting with all levels of the University.

Ability to maintain a professional appearance and office atmosphere.

Ability to make administrative/procedural decisions and judgments.

Skill in examining and re-engineering operations and procedures, formulating policy, and developing and implementing new strategies and procedures.

Ability to develop, plan, implement, and evaluate programs and short – and long – range goals.

Ability to effectively plan, organize resources, establish priorities and meet deadlines while working on multiple tasks/projects.

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