Thursday, March 3


The Road to Senior Leadership: One Woman’s Journey

  • Susanna Baxter, President, LaGrange College

President Baxter took an unconventional path to presidency while navigating the demands of marriage and motherhood. Hear her candid telling of the journey and the choices that led to a meaningful career and purposeful life.

Building your Allyship IQ

  • Undria Stalling, Senior Vice President of Business and Finance, Chief Financial Officer, Morehouse College
  • Jennifer Kremer, TIAA
  • Adam Raskoskie, TIAA

Developing allyship IQ is critical for becoming a leader who can build the diverse workforce we know produces the best results. Allies endeavor to drive systemic improvements to workplace policies, practices, and culture. Allyship is also key for building the relationships and earning the trust needed to lead your organization through tough and divisive times. Attend this session to learn how to build your allyship IQ as a leader by learning about communities different from your own, strengthening your care muscles, and practicing advocacy for individuals of different backgrounds.

Believe in Your Journey… Not Just the Destination

  • Sharen Beaulieu, Associate Vice President for Human Resources, Furman University

So often we ask ourselves these questions:
How am I measuring up?
Am I where I should be at this point of my career?
Am I doing all I can for my family?
Am I making a difference in other people’s lives?

This session will explore how we must have a deep understanding of ourselves so that we may embrace growth and influence others.

Stronger Together

  • Susan Maddux, Vice President for Administration and Finance, Furman University
  • Noel Sloan, Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance, Texas Tech

Join an interactive discussion focusing on how women can set realistic expectations, advance their careers, take risks, and pay it forward. Connect with your fellow female business officers about developing your professional network, defining success, and being stronger together.

Unmute Yourself: Elevating Your Confidence, Courage + Career

  • Rachel Druckenmiller, Unmuted

How many times since March 2020 have you heard someone say, “You’re on mute!”? What would it look like for you to go beyond zoom and learn to “unmute yourself” in your career so you can have more of the opportunities and experiences that make you feel purposeful, energized, and alive?

Many of us do not speak up with our thoughts, ideas, insecurities, or struggles at work or at home. We do not ask for the opportunities we want or the help and support we need. We mute our creative expression and live our lives going through the motions instead of feeling energized and alive. Too many of us self-silence and hold ourselves back. What if it did not have to be that way?

Friday, March 4


Advancing Your Career

  • Lenora Chapman, Vice President for Finance and Administration, Southwestern University
  • Charlotte Harris, Senior Associate, Koya Partners
  • Beth Schaefer, Managing Director, Koya Partners
  • Debbie Walker, Vice President for Business Affairs, Midlands Technical College (moderator)

What are some of the ways you can position yourself for career advancement or a promotion? Owning your career development is an important step. Let’s talk about some of the ways you can prepare yourself for this next step in your career.

Relational Leadership

  • Dr. Marjorie Hass, President, Council of Independent Colleges

While women have often been socialized to build supportive personal relationships, professional success demands a different kind of interpersonal engagement. In this presentation, Dr. Hass identifies three keys to being a strong relational leader: conflict management, dealing with difficult emotions, and navigating patriarchal assumptions.