President's Message

Russ Hannah

Greetings on behalf of the SACUBO Board of Directors! I am delighted to serve as SACUBO’s President and share with you our association’s strategic plan, goals, and activities for the coming year.

SACUBO’s strategic plan is organized around four ideals: Innovate – Educate – Advocate – Lead. Our plan for 2016-2021 establishes the following goals:

  • Equip business officers with the knowledge and resources needed for operational success.
  • Develop a communication plan to keep the membership informed and engaged.
  • Provide mechanisms for members to identify and address issues of importance to the finance and management of higher education.
  • Create a sustainable, long term finance and business plan for SACUBO.

These ideals and goals will drive our efforts and activities in 2019-2020. SACUBO will host or support a number of professional development activities throughout the year and across our region including:

Please visit our website frequently to learn more about these upcoming professional development and networking opportunities.

This summer, SACUBO will launch an online survey to gather members’ input and feedback on our activities and efforts. I encourage you to participate and share your insights about SACUBO and what we can do to assist you in your work and professional development.

SACUBO will continue to work closely with NACUBO to support our advocacy efforts in Washington DC and ensure our members’ voices are heard on Capitol Hill. We will also continue efforts to assist our members in developing the tools and skills needed to effectively advocate for higher education on a local level and in their states.

The SACUBO Board, our committees, and I are committed to ensuring our association is strong, sustainable, and meeting the needs and expectations of our institutions and members. We welcome institutions, members, and business partners who share our ideals and aspirations.

As we carry out our work, we invite you to share your ideas and suggestions on how we might best represent and assist you.

Innovate – Educate – Advocate – Lead

Best regards,

Russ Hannah

SACUBO President