Call for Proposals for the 2019 Best Practices


College and university business officers wishing to compete in the 2019 "Best Practices" Award Program may submit a proposal by October 12, 2018.

Best Practices Award Program

The Best Practices Award Program showcases the best of college and university business officers' efforts in creating better, more efficient, and customer friendly business practices. Past submissions have showcased a wide variety of unique programs improving the operations of the college campus.

The 2019 competition will select FIVE finalists to showcase their "best practice" at the SACUBO Annual Meeting April 7-9 in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. The institution with the overall "best practice" will receive an honorarium of $1,500. Runners-up will receive $750.

The following institutions were the five 2018 finalists and presented their “Best Practices” in Fort Worth, TX at SACUBO's 2018 Annual Meeting:

  1. Auxiliary AR & Billing: The Missing Puzzle Piece for Auxiliary Integration, Florida State University
  2. Youth Protection: Centralizing a Decentralized Process, University of Alabama
  3. Reconciliation Redefined: Using Technology to Improve Data Reconciliation Processes, University of Georgia
  4. Creating a Problem Solving Culture in Higher Education, University of North Texas
  5. Bridging the Gap: Promoting Enhanced Understanding of the Relationship Between the Budget Document and Financial Statements for Board Members>, University of South Carolina

Guidelines for Final Submission


In order to be considered for the 2019 Best Practices Award, each finalist must submit a proposal providing detail of his or her best practice.

Proposal Format

Each proposal must be submitted via electronic mail as an attached Word document to Ronda Reece, Best Practices Coordinator,

Title Page

Each proposal must have a title page in bold CG Times 14 font or a similar business quality font (left justified). The author of the proposal should be listed directly under the title in bold CG Times 12 font

Beneath the author, with single spacing, list the institution or organization affiliation of the author. If there is more than one author, double space, and follow the directions as listed for a single author.


The abstract from the original entry should be page one of the proposal. The abstract should be single-spaced and italicized CG Times 12 font.

Introduction of the Organization

Following the abstract, please introduce and describe the institution or organization that was benefited by the "best practice." This description may be as brief or as detailed as you like, but do this with double-spaced paragraph form in CG Times 12 font. Please do not simply list the information.

Statement (restatement) of the Problem/Initiative

Continuing in double-spaced paragraph form (CG Times 12 font), state (restate) the challenge that required correction or improvement.


Describe the methodology used to develop the best practice initiative. There may be any number of tasks that were needed to develop your best practice. This information would be helpful if another institution would wish to pursue the same endeavor. Did the initiative require additional personnel, capital equipment purchases, or electronic systems solutions? What were the cost and/or budget ramifications? Please include any faculty, student, or administrative involvement required or solicited during the planning stage.


Describe the implementation process. Information that concerns the timeline, pitfalls, and issues is helpful to those interested in duplicating your best practice.


Discuss the benefits enjoyed by implementing the best practice. Include cost savings, efficiencies, personnel performance improvements, student satisfaction, and/or other benefits that occurred as a result of the best practice implementation.


Discuss anything that might have been done differently (if applicable)./p>

Proposal Delivery and Deadline

The deadline for submission is October 12, 2018. The proposal must be sent via electronic mail to Ronda Reece at